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Albatros D.V, 2049/16 Ltn Hermann Goering JAFU, Jasta 27 Iseghem Aerodrome 1917

Item code: AA37807

When people think of Hermann Göring, many will see him as a rotund figure of WWII, who epitomized the inefficiencies within the Luftwaffe.  In his youth, however, Göring was a dashing and highly capable fighter pilot, who quickly rose to prominence within the German Air Service, collecting promotions and decorations along the way.  He was credited with 22 confirmed victories on the Western Front and was awarded the ‘Pour le Mérite’ or ‘Blue Max’ – Germany’s highest order of merit, which was awarded as recognition of extraordinary personal achievement.  

The Albatros was one of the most famous fighter aircraft of the Great War and was the mount of many of the famous Luftstreitkrafte aces.  The earlier D.III model did much to ensure German air dominance, during the period known as “Bloody April”, but by the time that the heavier Albatros D.V fighter had entered service with the Jastas, the Allies had introduced much more capable fighters to their front line squadrons.  German pilots were to find things much more difficult, until the eventual arrival of the much more capable Fokker D.VII.  The Albatros D.V has to be regarded as one of the most visually appealing aircraft of the First World War.


For more information on the Hermann Göring and the Albatros D.V, please see our Aerodrome article.

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