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Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4x4, Smokestone

Item code: VA10013

The Sapphire modelled was registered on 5th November 1992 as the demonstration car for Yorkshire Ford dealers Bond's of Pocklington and was fitted with the optional factory air conditioning and premium Ford 2040 audio system, but with standard 'Space' velour seat covering rather than leather. Dealer Principal Mr Bond then used it as his personal car before selling it to a local farmer in 1995. He retained it until March 1998 when the current owner, South London-based Chris Ellison, a former Chairman of the Ford RS Owners Club, bought it with just 28,200 miles showing for £12,995.

Chris has kept the car in excellent condition and continues to enjoy using it. Although it's still only covered 36,000 miles, Chris has looked after it well and stored it in a dry garage, preventing the rust that can affect Sierras. To his credit he has resisted the urge to modify this now rare low-mileage original specification example which, like all Sierra Cosworths, was built in Genk, Belgium. Production ceased in 1992 and this car features the standard electric sunroof, body-coloured rear spoiler, catalytic converter (identified by a green engine cam cover) and revised the dashboard of the later models. Because sales had been stymied by the high insurance premiums of this budget supercar, Ford reduced the price by £6,000 in 1992 to £20,557.70 plus options of: leather seats £479.78, air conditioning £826.93 and the premium radio/CD £567.30.

Engine: 1998cc 4IL 16V Turbo
Power: 217bhp@6250rpm
Torque: 207lb.ft@3500rpm
0-60mph: 6.6 seconds
Maximum speed: 150mph

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