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SCorgi forty years on


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the Postman delivered my Corgi members renewal form today. Seems overseas postal members don't exist in the eyes of Hornby. You can download, if you want to. However You won't get a badge, You won't get a membership card, I'm assuming you won't get a twenty pounds UK sterling voucher either.

Never mind all things must come toan end. Seems strange that Hornby were the ones to do this.. Being a club member for close on thirty years, A Corgi collector for close on forty years. I shall seek otherways of getting the Corgi models. I prefer pre Hornby models anyway. all Hornby seem to have done, is use a Corgi mould and paint the model a different colour, then try to increase the cost. Thats is me then So long other Corgi club members.

one last thing, Tiggerty boo or whatever your name is. Send me a copy of the book you seem to be writing, page after page on the forum. short sweet and simple. THAT IS THE WAY HORNBY LIKE IT.  

John J Ford

Tiggerty Boo

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 Hi Opal - if its any consolation I'd already given up posting, as Corgi/Hornby don't listen.  My membership renewal is December and I won't be renewing, as service is quicker, cheaper and better from eHattons.  The magazine isn't enough for me to stay and, as ever, there has been no further communication from Hornby as to what they are doing with the Collectors Club.  It's all a bit of a mess Frown


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Sadly both of your experiences are not unique.  I didn't renew my membership when it expired in January and a friend of mine also didn't renew when his expired last month.


There is no substantial reason to continue belonging to the Collectors Club with there no longer being an exclusive club model.

Also, Corgi models have been available cheaper from retailers than direct from Corgi, even with a members discount, for quite a while now.


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Hi all,

My renewal is due in September and I also won't be renewing. I collect mainly aviation models and being as there has been nothing new in the last year, I still have a voucher that shows no sign of being used. I only joined in the first place because I thought corgi may produce something that wasn't open for all to see on the website. 


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We all have a decision to make when the time comes. Unfortunately  for overseas Corgi club members,  it seems evident that we don't have a place in the Hornby/Corgi club.  So the only way that people listen these days, seems to be at the end of the financial year. I recently found out that powers above, in Hornby  have decided to blame the people below them for performance figures. and they have let go those people.  So let me just say this.

Written AD 66.  By Petronius.  We trained hard ...but every time we were beginning to form into teams we would be reorganised. I was to learn later in life, that we tend to meet any new SITUATION by reorganising.... and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress.     While producing inefficiency and demoralisation.

Who said life changes?  Sound like Hornby?  then let the games begin. To the staff that has been relieved of their jobs. I wish you luck. To those who still retain their jobs. YOU are next. This will be my last communication to these pages. Unless someone out there needs to have a reply.

We collectors here in Australia have a very hard time. However as I have said before, www.ehattons.com. they have a lot of stock all at good prices. I was fortunate to have many years in the Good Corgi club, the proper one. . That Corgi club  is sadly missed by loyal Corgi collectors. ENJOY  

John J Ford

  I happened to look on the Hornby Club page, which shows the following:

"We are currently amending the Hornby Club package, please bear with us and this will be available shortly."

I wonder if any changes will also be made to Corgi or are they going to get rid of it altogether?



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I just came across this thread and find it quite sad. I have been a Corgi collector since 1965, although there hasn't been anything new for me to collect (or of interest) for quite some time in the American market. I am the author of two books on older Corgi Toys and Husky models. I also had the honor of of being the director of the short-lived American Corgi Collector Club, which was sponsored by Corgi USA. I know it hurt when that club threw in the towel. There were so many more things I could have done in that role that I never got the chance to do. Now I seem to be reading similar things about the main UK based club. I understand how times and tastes change. It's just sad to see things fading away.

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