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Bio: Bus/coach collector. Aviation enthusiast.

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Do Corgi look at these suggestions? I see there's more London Routemasters released....

Anyway, my next suggestion is Ellisons!



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As I haven’t posted on here in some time, I thought I would share a couple of images and a brief bit of info about my current 1:76 scale bus and coach collection. 


The overriding theme is operators based in Yorkshire, but also includes the Lancashire based Blazefield buses to accompany the Yorkshire ones. I generally focus on modern era vehicles but one or two classics are also present. Admittedly, there are several other brands in there, although rather neatly 14 out of the total 28 are Corgi models.




The latest addition is a very special model and I never really believed that I would manage to get hold of one. It is OM41310A - Wright Eclipse Fusion Artic in the orange First Leeds livery from a few years ago. Some may remember that this model was originally announced in the Jan-Jun 2013 release programme but was unceremoniously dropped from the line up later in that year. However, prior to the cancellation, 18 models (9 of each destination) had already been produced and were made available through a ballot via the Corgi Collector Club.


Thanks to eBay, I have now got my hands on an example, certificate number 0008 to be precise. It is now taking place next to one of its sister vehicles in the previous First York Park & Ride livery.




I just need a few more Yorkshire based coach models, other than East Yorkshire Motor Services and Wallace Arnold, if Corgi will eventually choose to revive the toolings again.

Great pictures and a good looking collection! I like your Lancashire Way and Witch Way models.


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I was once offered AU$800 for my "Harry Shaw" coach. Being a Coventry Kid it wasn't for sale then and nor is it now, ... but is it really that collectable??!!

I don't think so? There were 2600 released and I always see them knocking around on eBay. I've got this particular model because I've always liked the livery of Harry Shaw.


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Ausden Clark. I don't understand why Corgi haven't made one yet when they are the biggest bus firm in Leicestershire.


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