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cannot believe Corgi have never done the successor to the mini - The Metro, would be a popular model from the basic city spec upto the Vandan Plas, the two tone Knightsbridge edition and of course the infamous MG and MG Turbo, would also make a good pc plod model and even showcase its rally heritage but of course as jonboy stated what do we know we are only Corgi's customers what do our views count for?  I know this forum is for fellow members discussion but Corgi really ought to get more involved on here and communicate with the few collectors they have left,   I am still waiting for a response to my "why should i renew my membership?" under the Corgi Collector Club topic that I put on 7 months ago!!!!


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Absolutely dreadful selection for the Vanguards range:-

Triumph Herald - not a popular model that will have collectors begging for

VW Beetle - Your released 2 in 2017 and they have been a sales flop, nobody wantsthem so why bring out another?????

Ford Zephyr - uninspiring!

Vauxhall Cresta - not a popular model that will have collectors begging for

Morris 1800 - again not a popular but admitably looks good in rally quise

Rover SD1 - nice model good choice!

Ford Escort - gee's how many different colours of the Mexico are you going to release??

Triumph Stag - welcome addition but technically not a new release as should have come out in 2017

Ford Granada - already have 2 police liveries in the range and not as popular as the road cars, interesting but not a must have release

Ford Fiesta - nice looking model

Ford Escort - not much imagination here, simply dig out the harrier decals from the parts bin and stick them on a silver version

So 'at least' another six month wait for a new casting, poor show Corgi / Hornby or whoever you are, was really expecting more after the poor showing for the 2017 range but at least you are being consistent!


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I wonder if this is the SD1 they have used, seems to be a special one - extract from the advert when it was up for sale-

"Reluctantly for sale is my superb Rover SD1 V8. This is no ordinary SD1 either, this vehicle is thought to be unique in the UK as it is Australian spec and first owned by Austin Rover. It only has 56000 miles recorded,In May, the car was also featured in Practical Classics magazine as part of their 50th birthday of the Car of the Year feature. The photoshoot was at Rockingham and the car was well admired by the PC team. "



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A heads up before the official annoucement I can reveal two of the 2018 releases - a triumph herald monmouthshire police (yawn......) and a Rover SD1 3500 V8 in Opaline Green (that one sounds interesting!!)


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I wonder if someone can hack us the intended list of disappointment for 2018....

Usually its early October when collectors start asking what is coming up for the following year, now no-one seems to care, I bet there is a fast ford in there and another Mini....., oh and probably NOT a new casting...


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It's a question collectors have been asking for years and as usual we get the silent treatment from Corgi.  

The Vanguards range was originally concieved to be about classic british cars, vans and lorries from the 50's and 60's, when Corgi bought out Lledo they stretched this to the 70's and later on the 80's, it was a golden opportunity to produce models from what was the biggest manufacturer of vehicles in the Country and I strongly believe there would and is a market for them, produce the Meastro and you can have MG and police variants, who cannot remember a BT or British Gas Maestro van?  Austin and Rover were everywhere in the 80's and 90's and we have not got the diecast model to show for it.  Instead we got the BMW, Audi Quattro, Subaru and numerous Peugeot 205 and 309 models, why??

I cannot believe the Metro has never been made, it was an iconic car even Lady Di had one yet we don't get it, so many people would love an MG Metro model or even a metro panda car.

At the end of the day, we do not even get new castings in the Vanguards range so don't expect much from Corgi.....


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14 releases for the second half of 2017, the 21st anniversary of vanguards and what an absolute pile of dribble, i can see me ordering the Cortina Mk3 but will wait for all of the others to fall in price before spending my cash on.

My comments to whats on offer

Morris Minor Traveller Bermuda Blue - seriously????? Who the hell will want that model?????

Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 Horizon Blue - we didn't want the Coral issue from the first half of 2017 we certainly do not want another!!!!

Austin Mini 7 Zircon Blue Lord Austin's Daughter - the Mini has been done to death now, time to retire this ancient casting!

Ford Lotus Cortina Mk2 Red - hmmm, so so release but nothing special

Morris Minor City of Edinburgh Police - scrapping the barrel time, nobody wanted the 3 police models of the morris minor that were produced a hundred years ago - we do not want another!!!

Rover P6 3500 V8 Scarab Blue - nice model and colour but hard to justify the price bearing in mind the recent Brasilla anniversary model sells for around a tenner!!

Sunbeam Alpine Quartz Blue Metallic - another colour of a model released in the first half that we didnt want

Ford Escort Mk1 RS2000 Modena Green - yet another Escort Mk1, soon we will have them in more colours than the rainbow - nice model though!

Ford Cortina Mk3 Sahara Beige - at last something that i like!!! 

Ford Escort Mk3 XR3 Prairie Yellow - nice casting but not sure on the colour, red would have been better (without the essex boy treatment!!)

Land Rover Series 1 80 RAC - not for me

Ford Sierra XR4i Press Car - nice model a probably worth the purchase (for me at least)

Ford Escort Mk2 RS1800, John Taylor - not one for the rally cars but will probably be a good seller

Ford Capri RS2600 Mk1 Tour de France - the Mk1 Capri has proven to be far less popular than the Mk3 - stop making them nobody wants them!!!!

rant over.....


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ha ha I forget about the £15 voucher, no matter how hard I tried to buy something off the Corgi website the voucher would not be accepted, I contacted Corgi who were of no help whatsoever, they basically said that I must put zero's at the start of the code rather than just the numbers, but when i explained that the code was all numbers and that I couldn't put zero's at the start I was met with no response, I spent about 2 months trying to get it resolved in the end I gave up so for me another reason not to renew...


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David Lynn sums it up perfectly, ye olden days were the best, I used to look forward to receiving my vanguards magazine which would be packed full of interesting articles, details of promotional releases, competitions etc, the yearly club model was a joy to own, the corgi catalogue that used to arrive on the post mat free of charge - now we get a club magazine with 'at best' two or three pages to do with vanguards and aload of info on planes, buses, trucks etc that I don't collect and doesn't interest me, not forgetting about the kiddies section with a colouring section (serioursly??????), no club model and no free catalogues.  I didn't renew my membership after Corgi altered the catalogues and judging my the lack of traffic on this forum I think the collectors are deserting Corgi in their droves - no response from Corgi admin to defend their decisions - poor very poor..........


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Year after Year we get the same pathetic release schedule from Corgi.  At the end of last month we get three models that have been done to death (Imp casting dates back to 1997, mini casting dates back to 1998 and Alpine casting dates back to 2002) - very few people want them and even fewer at the over-inflated prices that you are charging - £27.99 is a total rip off!!!!

The next two releases due (due last month according to the schedules hmmmmm) are the VW Beetle and Mini Cooper.  Corgi obviously no longer know their market as NO-ONE WANTS THE BEETLE, the Delphin Grey Beetle Cabrio released 15 years ago was such a flop at release within months you could get it for a couple of quid.  Sorry Corgi these first 5 releases are terrible and I am sorry for anyone who has parted with their hard earned cash for these models because they will most definately be in the bargain basement section within the next 6 months.

Corgi's only saving grace will be the fast fords - they are always popular and sell well but the rest of the range is dull and not worthy of the price tag.

I have been a dedicated Vanguards collector for the past 18 years and I pre-ordered every release but over the last 3 years I have not bothered, instead I have ordered the models that I know will sell out (such as the Cortina Mk3) and waited patiently for the rest of the range to be offered at silly prices, perhaps I am guilty of contributing to Corgi's downfall by not paying full price for models but at the end of the day Corgi need to offer the collector something that they actually want.

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