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David Lynn

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I just tried to pe-order the Vanguards 60th Anniversary models - £14.99 each or £13.49 with member discount - comes to £40.47 and should qualiffy for free p&p as over the £30 threshold. All 3 items advertised as due in 31:01:2016. But at checkout, Corgi add £4.99 postage for each item, so it suddenly becomes a total of £55+.

Rang Corgi for an explanation, and was told some dross about "we can't guarantee they'll all come in together so that they can be sent in one parcel". OK - so how about putting the first arrivals aside until they've all arrived, and then sending in one parcel? "No we can't do that".So I cancelled the order.

Basically Corgi, the message is take control of your claims instead of flapping about like confused penguins - if all 3 items are due in on the same day, honour your obligations and allow the free postage. Even if you end up having to send more than one parcel because your incoming shipments are not managed properly.  


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I remember someone complaining on Corgi's Facebook page about the exact same problem towards the beginning of the year, and being told the same story you got, David.  He also cancelled his pre-orders (or at least, as I remember, he tried to but apparently couldn't, which is why the issue ended up on Facebook in the first place).


Hornby Hobbies still have a LONG way to go in terms of customer service re. online sales.  The minute something deviates from "normal" the experience becomes unpleasant for the customer.  I'm not sure whether this is due to under-staffing or under-caring, or both.


 This is why I've moved my Thunderbirds order out of the shopping cart and into my wishlist for the time being.


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Ive just cancelled my order for new FTB planes...they were due in December...then Jan and now....who knows. But as I wanted 2 trains I qualified for free postage, but it adds postage as the planes are delayed. Daft


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The illogical programming on Hornby's eCommerce system is just bizarre. 

When they were having the "phantom stock" problem in the middle of last year I placed an order for 4 models which included 2 "Hurry, last one in stock" models, which turned out to be not in stock at all.  So my parcel was despatched with only 2 models in it, BUT with a waybill invoice declaring the FULL ORDER for all 4 models.


As this was an international order I had to pay customs processing and import VAT on the parcel at my side. Thanks to Hornby's incorrect waybill invoice I had to pay VAT & Ad Valorum on 2 models THAT WERE NOT IN THE PARCEL.


That order is still listed on my profile with status "Processing" even though it was about 7 months ago - so they obviously don't have a way to close that off, either.


As I told "customer service" at the time, I will never buy direct from Hornby/Corgi again. 

"Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me".


Fortunately there are dealers in the UK who do have invoicing systems that work properly, so I can still enjoy the products of this company via a reliable supplier.


 This is the first time that I have ordered online from Corgi.  It will also be the last!

I ordered the New routemaser "Ride With Pride" (Route 15 variant) as I have driven the bus in passenger service on the route 15 on a number of occasions.

Is it usual for delivery dates to slip repeatedly?  Delivery always seems to be two months away!

It's currently "expected" in October.  I fully expect that next month it will have changed to November.




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Corgi do not give two hoots about the people that PAY THEIR WAGES, it is clear to see, why is it that all other companies both Bigger and Smaller, can sort out their items for sale and abide by their agreements, i do not know why people buy from Corgi, i dont any longer, they are far more expensive, there is always excuses and issues, when the collector club was being run before that stole it back in house, it was great, we had members models, chrome versions, decent magazines, and regular updates, NOW, we get NO members models, NO chrome, and n my case just ONE magazine in a year, now if i were being pedantic, i could sue for breach of contract, but the company is in such a dire state it would probably go into administration.... this on top of teh fact we have had NO new tooling for years and years in the Vanguards range, yet shove wings on it and they will invest money, Corgi are known for diecast cars, END OF, get your fingers out, start to produce new tooling, and stop treating your customer base as ignorant..............

PR Enis

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Even Corgi aviation is very average now bar the odd great model but you're right in that it looks like the bulk of the die-cast tooling investment will be for aircraft as there is virtually nothing being spent on any type of vehicle

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