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The plane that launched D-Day

For this first Aerodrome blog of 2019, we will be taking a closer look at a successful transport aircraft which is destined to come in for plenty of attention during the coming Airshow season. This year marks the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and as one of the most effective aircraft of WWII, the Douglas C-47 Skytrain (the military development of the DC-3 airliner) proved to be the aircraft which launched D-Day itself. We will see why this was such a successful aircraft and how a large number of airworthy examples are scheduled to gather for a unique flying tribute during 2019.

Aerodrome looks back at 2018

We have reached that happy time of year when our Aerodrome blog takes on a slightly more festive and reflective tone. The latest edition of Aerodrome is our 2018 Review Edition, where we look back at some of the years aviation highlights and look forward to a new year of opportunities for the aviation enthusiast.

A winter date with the Red Arrows

We have something very special for Aerodrome readers in the latest edition of our blog. As it is nearly Christmas and it is only polite to give you a little treat, how would you like to join us on an exclusive winter date with the Red Arrows, where we enjoyed a fascinating day with the world’s most famous aerobatic team, as they were busy preparing for the 2018 display season? If you have been really good, we will even show you how the team meticulously display their coffee mugs in between practice sorties!

Bon Anniversaire RAF

The latest edition of Aerodrome has a distinctly French feel to it, as we pay our second blog visit to this year's Royal International Air Tattoo and take a look at how a trio of display acts from across the English Channel provided a memorable flying tribute to the RAF’s Centenary commemorations, whilst at the same time bringing a little Gallic flair to proceedings.

Handley Page Hampden revisited

The latest edition of Aerodrome heads back to the Michael Beetham Conservation Centre at the RAF Museum Cosford, for an update on some of the world’s most eagerly anticipated aviation restoration projects. With significant progress on their famous Handley Page Hampden Mk.I restoration, we also include details of a new resident in the centre, which was the subject of a high profile salvage operation during the summer of 2013.

Shuttleworth – ‘the first and the last’

Taking the honour of staging the first Airshow in this centenary year of the Royal Air Force, the delightful airfield at Old Warden would also turn out to be the venue for the final flying event of 2018. Their latest ‘Race Day’ was unusual in that the recent arrival of a classic Great War fighter almost upstaged the display participants and certainly proved to be something of a crowd puller. Join us as we pay our final Airshow visit of the 2018 season and see what all the Great War fuss was about.

A sky full of Spitfires

The recent ‘Battle of Britain’ Airshow held at the Imperial War Museum’s Duxford airfield site, promised to be a high profile finale to this centenary year for the Royal Air Force. Boasting strong RAF participation both on the ground and in the air, sell-out crowds were hoping to be present at a spectacular celebration of aviation, spanning 100 years of British air power, however despite an embarrassment of aviation riches scheduled to take part in the show, it was one very special aircraft which proved an irresistible draw for many – the Supermarine Spitfire. The latest edition of Aerodrome reports on Duxford’s ‘Sky full of Spitfires’ and a memorable tribute to the RAF’s big anniversary year.

Cosford’s helicopter tribute to RAF 100

This year’s Cosford RAF Centenary Airshow will certainly be remembered as one of the classic events of 2018 and included enough aviation highlights to complete several review articles. In this, our second visit to the show, we will be looking at one of the more unexpected highlights of the show and a classic selection of rotary air power, both past and present.

Thunderous day at the Yorkshire Air Museum

In the latest thunderous edition of Aerodrome, we bring you a report from the recent ‘live aircraft’ event at the Yorkshire Air Museum, where both the smallest and largest aircraft on the airfield fired up their engines, affording visitors something of a unique aviation experience. We will see how the museum’s tiny ‘Eastchurch’ Kitten replica tells a fascinating story from the early months of the Great War, as well as featuring a ‘Brigand’ of preserved Blackburn Buccaneers.

Axis aviation spectacle at Cosford’s RAF 100 show

This year’s Cosford Airshow proved to be a spectacular celebration of the first 100 years of the Royal Air Force, with some of the RAF Museum’s rare exhibits taken from their hangars to form part of an impressive static display. In their absence, one of the world’s finest collections of Axis air power enjoyed a little extra room for the weekend and in this latest edition of Aerodrome, we feature this unexpected Axis contribution to this RAF centenary show.

Aerodrome 100 at East Kirkby Airshow

Aerodrome marks its centenary edition by paying our latest visit to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, on the occasion of their main Airshow of the year. As well as catching up with their famous Lancaster ‘Just Jane’ and enjoying a fabulous air display, we also witnessed the magnificent sight of the recently arrived De Havilland Mosquito Nightfighter HJ711 displayed next to the Lancaster for an evocative photo opportunity and the first for an East Kirkby show. In addition to this, there is also the small matter of our most spectacular Aerodrome competition to tell you about – you most definitely will not want to miss this!

Spectacular Dambusters tribute at RIAT 2018

The aviation extravaganza which is the Royal International Air Tattoo can always be relied upon to include so many highlight acts that it is often difficult to fit all the action into a single review article. In this 99th edition of Aerodrome, we will be featuring one particularly poignant display from this year’s show, which marked the 75th Anniversary of one of the RAF’s most celebrated squadrons and the introduction of a stunning new combat aircraft.

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