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Duxford prepares

This coming weekend marks the start of the 2019 UK Airshow season and in the latest edition of Airfix and Corgi Aerodrome, we celebrate this occasion with a little pre-Airshow season visit to the Imperial War Museum’s Duxford site. We report on all the latest goings-on at this historic site and check-in on some of the country’s most famous historic aircraft, many of which will be thrilling Airshow audiences over the coming few months.

Sea Vixen celebration

There is nothing quite like attending an early season aviation event, especially one the like of which you have never been lucky enough to experience before. In the latest edition of Aerodrome, we pay an enjoyable visit to the Cold War Jets Collection at Bruntingthorpe and a special event to commemorate the first flight of one of their magnificent preserved aircraft. With static engine runs promised and a unique de Havilland photo opportunity, we will show how those fortunate enough to be in attendance were treated to a memorable, well run day of aviation enjoyment.

Cosford’s home for ‘Big Cats’

On the back of the recent withdrawal from service of the RAF Tornado GR.4 force, the latest edition of Aerodrome looks at an aviation strike predecessor of the Tornado and how relatively large numbers of preserved examples of this combat proven aircraft have found a retirement home in the West Midlands. In the 116th edition of Aerodrome, we head to the RAF Museum’s Cosford site, for a little ‘Big Cat’ hunting.

RIAT departure day delights

Although difficult to believe, this weekend marks the first since Britain entered astronomical springtime, but as the weather still appears to be playing catch up, it’s time for drastic action. With the first Airshow events now only 6 weeks away, we attempt to encourage the better weather to finally turn up by featuring wall to wall aeroplanes in this 115th edition of our Aerodrome blog and a photographic review of last year’s RIAT departure day, an occasion which saw hundreds of aircraft movements and the participation of several rather exotic aviation visitors.

RAF Tornado formation tribute

As we are now only weeks away from the retirement of one of the Royal Air Force’s most successful post war jets, there really can be only one subject for this latest edition of Aerodrome. Join us as we head down to RAF Marham and one final opportunity to pay our respects to what may turn out to be the final large formation of Tornado GR.4 strike jets in the aircraft’s illustrious 37 year RAF service history. Aerodrome 114 is a tribute to the RAF’s ‘Mighty Fin’.

Classic Meteor makes final flight into history

In what has proved to be a rather poignant week for British aviation, the latest edition of Aerodrome takes the opportunity to catch up with an aircraft which is very much in the twilight of its 40 year RAF service career, as well as reporting from an event earlier in the year which featured the last airworthy example of a classic British jet type, on the occasion of its final flight. For both of these articles, we are indebted to a pair of staunch Aerodrome supporters for kindly sharing their pictures with us and allowing their use on the blog, as they attended these rather sombre aviation occasions.

Fledgling raptors of the RAF

On the rare occasion that we find ourselves with a day off work and no family commitments or DIY duties lined up for us, a day spent around the perimeter of one the UK’s active military airfields is something many enthusiasts hold dear. In the latest edition of Aerodrome, please join us as we head for the beautiful island of Anglesey and the training eyrie of the Royal Air Force, where the countries best young pilots receive the very best military flight training available.

Classic Hawkers at home

The latest edition of Aerodrome attempts to obliterate the aviation winter blues by delving back into our extensive archives to bring you a review from a very special ‘At Home’ event held in the Autumn of 2005. We head for the far side of RAF Scampton airfield and a classic jet indulgence at the Hawker Hunter Aviation open day, where their impressive collection of Hunters was joined by a pair of Cold War aviation heavyweights.

The plane that launched D-Day

For this first Aerodrome blog of 2019, we will be taking a closer look at a successful transport aircraft which is destined to come in for plenty of attention during the coming Airshow season. This year marks the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and as one of the most effective aircraft of WWII, the Douglas C-47 Skytrain (the military development of the DC-3 airliner) proved to be the aircraft which launched D-Day itself. We will see why this was such a successful aircraft and how a large number of airworthy examples are scheduled to gather for a unique flying tribute during 2019.

Aerodrome looks back at 2018

We have reached that happy time of year when our Aerodrome blog takes on a slightly more festive and reflective tone. The latest edition of Aerodrome is our 2018 Review Edition, where we look back at some of the years aviation highlights and look forward to a new year of opportunities for the aviation enthusiast.

A winter date with the Red Arrows

We have something very special for Aerodrome readers in the latest edition of our blog. As it is nearly Christmas and it is only polite to give you a little treat, how would you like to join us on an exclusive winter date with the Red Arrows, where we enjoyed a fascinating day with the world’s most famous aerobatic team, as they were busy preparing for the 2018 display season? If you have been really good, we will even show you how the team meticulously display their coffee mugs in between practice sorties!

Bon Anniversaire RAF

The latest edition of Aerodrome has a distinctly French feel to it, as we pay our second blog visit to this year's Royal International Air Tattoo and take a look at how a trio of display acts from across the English Channel provided a memorable flying tribute to the RAF’s Centenary commemorations, whilst at the same time bringing a little Gallic flair to proceedings.

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