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New Corgi range to herald the start of a new diecast decade

New Corgi range to herald the start of a new diecast decade

Welcome to this latest edition of Corgi Diecast Diaries and your regular look at all the news, updates and stories from the fascinating world of Corgi die-cast model collecting.

Regular Diecast Diaries readers will no doubt already be aware that this latest edition of our blog is being published one week later than its usual schedule, but for a very good reason – the announcement of the new Corgi model range for 2020. In this first Diecast Diaries blog of the new decade, we will be guiding Corgi collectors through some of the new range highlights, including all the new tooling announcements, interesting future developments and new model collections which make up the 2020 range. If you have not already done so, the new range can be viewed on the Corgi website now.

Before we begin, could we please just issue an apology to all readers who were left a little frustrated whilst attempting to access the Corgi website, in the hours which followed the announcement of the new range. Due to the sheer volume of traffic heading for the Corgi site on the day, we are afraid that everything started to run a little slowly and despite the best efforts of our web team, things did not improve until much later in the day. If you were affected, we are really sorry for the frustration this must have caused, but hope you have now managed to view the 2020 model range in all its web glory. On a slightly more positive note, the problems only occurred due to the fact that so many people were attempting to access the website at the same time, which hopefully reflects the current healthy state of the diecast collecting hobby.

Right then, on to the main matter at hand, let’s take a look at some new Corgi models.

New Vanguards outgun Aviation Archive

The new Corgi 2020 model collection announced on the Corgi website and on Corgi die-cast diaries blog

Many of the images used to illustrate this feature will show pre-production models and rendered representations, which will be subject to significant change before the model is ready for release

As far as the diecast model collector is concerned, could there possibly be a finer way to usher in a New Year than by feasting your eyes on a new collection of models? Well, as explained in our introduction above, that is clearly what tens of thousands of people attempted to do first thing on Monday 6th January, as the latest Corgi model range was unleashed on an expectant collector world. We know from past experience that the announcement of any new Corgi range is a time of great excitement within the hobby, as collectors look to see what new tooling projects will soon be joining the Corgi model ranks, as well as assessing which re-liveries and re-introductions will be tempting them over the coming few months.

In what is quite a significant change to Corgi range launches of recent years, the 2020 range once again covers a full twelve month period, as opposed to having two half yearly catalogues in January and July, which tended to be the norm until last year. In addition to this, the physical size of the catalogue has also increased this year, from the usual A5 format, to a much larger A4 design, allowing for more information about all things Corgi to be included in a publication which we know many thousands of people like to collect. With a much increased workload for the Corgi team and more products to be included, some models in the new range are still at quite an early stage of development and at the time the catalogue went to print, were only available as either scans, profiles or digital representations. Thankfully, the Diecast Diaries blog will be delighted to bring our readers regular updates and the latest development images as these models progress towards release.

The new Corgi 2020 model collection announced on the Corgi website and on Corgi die-cast diaries blog

It is also interesting to note that the Corgi team have confirmed that although the 2020 range is now out there for all to see, their intention is to announce several additional new models during the year, so please keep an eye out for these range additions.

So what new models do we hope to tempt you with over the next twelve months? We know many of our collectors will have been hoping to see specific models announced with the new range launch on Monday and whilst we hope we have managed to include something for every collector taste, we know that it is impossible to satisfy everyone. At this same time last year, Aviation Archive collectors were revelling in the announcement of no fewer that three new model tooling additions to the range, a Phantom FG.1 and Fokker Eindecker in 1/48th scale, as well as a Bristol Beaufighter in 1/72nd scale, whilst other ranges were left fighting over remaining developments funds. This year, those roles appear to have been reversed, with the Vanguards range benefitting from the addition of significant new tooling investment, whilst Aviation Archive can only boast one new model tooling, but what a model it is!

Important note on images used in this review.

Please be aware that several of the images used within this edition of Diecast Diaries have been produced solely for website and catalogue illustrative purposes and may be subject to significant change during product development. Scheme details, colours and markings and computer rendered images shown at this early stage may not represent what will appear on the finished models, as the development team still have much work to do. We are happy to share them with our readers as they help to illustrate the new range, but please don’t assume that they are set in stone (or diecast metal, in this case).

The new Corgi 2020 model collection announced on the Corgi website and on Corgi die-cast diaries blog

An exclusive first look at the new 1/48th scale Bristol F.2 Fighter artwork, produced in support of this magnificent new tooling project

The new Corgi 2020 model collection announced on the Corgi website and on Corgi die-cast diaries blog

A computer rendered image taken from the scan data collected at the outset of this exciting new tooling project, an image which shows the daunting amount of detail the Corgi team are looking to incorporate in this model

Since the first 1/48th scale WWI fighter tooling was announced back in 2007, collectors have been only too happy to let us know which aircraft types they would like to see joining this popular range and over the years, one aircraft has consistently been suggested more than any other – the Bristol F.2 Fighter. The main reason why it has taken so long for this heavily requested model to take its place in the range has certainly become apparent to the development team over recent months, as this is such a complex aeroplane and has posed some significant design challenges during its diecast immortalisation process. Many readers will be delighted to see this new model joining the range and we are very much looking forward to bringing you lots of detailed information as it progresses through its various development stages.

As one of the most popular of the current Corgi model ranges, there is another spectacular collection of new Aviation Archive models to come in 2020, including for the very first time, an example of every single model tooling in the 1/48th scale Great War aviation range in the same catalogue. With fascinating stories behind each and every release, several of the models possess links to other models in the range, such as Manfred von Richthofen’s Fokker Eindecker and the Sopwith Camel and Fokker DR.1 which were flown by novice pilots on 21st April 1918, in an engagement which ultimately led to the death of the feared Red Baron.

The new Corgi 2020 model collection announced on the Corgi website and on Corgi die-cast diaries blog

Destined to be an incredibly popular release, the 2020 range includes the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s famous Avro Lancaster B.1 in its current display livery

This year also marks the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and our latest range pays a diecast aviation tribute to the exploits of Churchill’s ‘Few’ in fine style. With examples of aircraft representing opposite spectrums of aviation technology, we have one of the few Gloster Gladiators which took part in the battle, as well as a famous example of the Supermarine Spitfire, which is widely regarded as Britain’s savour during this struggle. The one included in the 2020 range was actually involved in actions to cover the Dunkirk evacuations and was famously recovered from a French beach and is now on the UK Airshow circuit.

One future release which already seems destined to be one of the model highlights of the 2020 Corgi range is a stunning 1/72nd scale representation of an extremely famous aeroplane and one which still serves to commemorate the service personnel of the Royal Air Force during WWII. The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s Avro Lancaster B.l PA474 is one of the best loved historic aircraft in the UK today and one of the highlight display acts on any Airshow programme. This latest Corgi Lancaster release presents this magnificent aircraft in its current iconic livery and will definitely be of interest to anyone who has enjoyed one of her evocative displays.

Representing the modern Royal Air Force, we are pleased to announce the third in the trio of the specially presented Tornado GR4 jets which marked the 2019 disbandment of the aircraft, whilst we also commemorate the continuing aviation legacy of RAF No. IX Squadron, as their famous ‘green bat’ motif moves on to the Eurofighter Typhoon, after relinquishing their association with the Tornado last year. For fans of rotary aviation, the ever popular Chinook HC.4 tooling returns to the range, this time wearing the distinctive centenary scheme applied to this handsome 18 Squadron machine for a short while during 2015.

The new Corgi 2020 model collection announced on the Corgi website and on Corgi die-cast diaries blog

Already attracting heavy pre-order activity, this ‘Goldstars’ Tornado is the third of the RAF’s 2019 disbandment Tornados to join the Aviation Archive range and was heavily requested by collectors

With the Luftwaffe aircraft of WWII always proving to be amongst the most popular models in any Aviation Archive range, the latest collection includes several interesting examples, including the final aircraft flown by one of the world’s most celebrated fighter aces and the first enemy bomber to be shot down on British soil during the Second World War. Also featured is an aircraft flown by one of Germany’s most infamous wartime personalities, who embarked on a mysterious flight to Britain in May 1941 which continues to be the subject of numerous conspiracy theories to this day. There really is something for everyone in the 2020 Aviation Archive range and every model is now available for your inspection.

Vanguards at the treble

The past twelve months have proved to have been quite a significant period in the history of the Vanguards model vehicle range. The previous 2019 range announcement included the first new Vanguards model tooling investment for many a year and heralded the beginning of a new impetus for these extremely popular 1/43rd scale models. Even though we are still to see the first release from the impressive new Jaguar XJ6 (Series 2) tooling hitting model shops all over the world, the 2020 range will benefit from the addition of no fewer than THREE new model tooling projects, which represents a significant boost for the range.

The new Corgi 2020 model collection announced on the Corgi website and on Corgi die-cast diaries blog

Even though this is currently just an artwork file, it shows the classic lines of the Volkswagen Type 2 1500 SP Devon Caravette and will have many Vanguards collectors looking forward to its arrival

Each one of the three new tooling announcements are modelling representations of motoring classics and will give the range a massive boost with range options in the years to come. A classic vehicle which has now taken on a new ‘cool factor’ and has enjoyed something of a renaissance over recent years, the Volkswagen Campervan (type 2 camper) is an icon of the motoring world and one which can trace its history back to the post war Beetle and modern vehicle mass production just after the war. An attempt to produce an effective light cargo and passenger carrying vehicle, the distinctive lines of this classic vehicle are familiar to millions of people and if you are lucky enough to own one, you are classed as being one stylish dude.

The new Corgi 2020 model collection announced on the Corgi website and on Corgi die-cast diaries blog

Still at the computer rendered image stage, the new Mk.4 Escort tooling will give our Vanguards expert plenty of scope for future model suggestions

For people of a certain age, the Ford Escort Mk.4 will be an extremely familiar vehicle to them and one which will be remembered with great fondness. The 4th generation of a British motoring classic, this version of the Escort took styling similarities from other models in the Ford line-up at that time and resulted in the release of a distinctive and highly desirable new car. The XR3i in particular was regarded as offering affordable motoring style, one which gave its fortunate owner a certain presence on Britain’s road, especially amongst younger members of society – it was a real looker!

If we are talking about British motoring style, few would argue against the beautiful Triumph TR6 being classed as one of the very best. The styling of early Triumph TR sports cars proved difficult to resist, with their high set headlights and distinctive grilles giving these beautiful small sports cars a real personality and making their front profile look almost like a face. Continually developed since their original launch in 1953, the cars benefitted from many internal upgrades over the next eight years, however their external appearance remained largely the same, with cosmetic changes retaining the charm of these popular cars.

The new Corgi 2020 model collection announced on the Corgi website and on Corgi die-cast diaries blog

One of Britain’s most attractive sports cars, the Triumph TR6 is a welcome addition to the Vanguards range and one which will surely become a firm favourite with collectors. This image is being shown for illustrative purposes only and features a rendered representation of a LIDAR scan

In a break with previous TR styling responsibilities, Triumph sent a pristine example of a TR4A to the manufacturing facility of German coachbuilder Karmann and charged them with designing a new version of the British sports car. They would eventually produce the Triumph TR6, a vehicle which retained the basic centre section of the existing car, but restyling the front and rear sections to give the new vehicle a very different look – many motoring enthusiasts describe its more conservative design characteristics as producing one of the most attractive small sports cars ever produced.

A car which exudes style from every viewing angle, despite the fact that this attractive styling originated in Germany, it could be argued that what they managed to produce was a sports car which possessed a very British character. A car which has become highly prized amongst classic car collectors and is still a real head-turner, the inclusion of the new Triumph TR6 in the Vanguards range will be great news for thousands of model collectors. The latest range includes plenty of modelling highlights and again, is available for your inspection straight away.

Collectable ‘Tankfest’ continues with re-purposed Panzers

The new Corgi 2020 model collection announced on the Corgi website and on Corgi die-cast diaries blog

Trophy Panzer. This will be the first time in almost 14 years that a Corgi model range has included an example of a 1/50th scale Soviet T-34 tank

One of the undoubted highlights of the previous Corgi model range was the long overdue return of our 1/50th scale Tank and Military Vehicles, after a release hiatus of some ten years. The majority of these beautiful models have now been released and are available in good model shops everywhere and whilst their resurrection has definitely posed some significant challenges for the Corgi team, the resultant models have been produced to a standard which far exceeds that of the original releases.

Despite the fact that the first new tank models in this range only arrived late last year, many people were hoping that their release would allow the 2020 range to benefit from the announcement of even more Military Legends and we are pleased to confirm another four future releases in this series. Significantly, we can also confirm work has started on a tooling modification, which will allow for accurate versions of the late war ‘G’ variant of the German Panther Tank to be produced from this point forward. We also have a stunning new Tiger Tank and three examples of captured tanks which were operated by new owners - a Panther which was used by the British Army, along with a former Soviet Army T-34 and US Army Sherman, which were both pressed into WWII Wehrmacht service.

We have big plans for these stunning models during 2020 and very much look forward to bringing you full development details within future editions of the Diecast Diaries blog – Corgi armour is firmly in our sights!

More new tooling investment for 2020

The new Corgi 2020 model collection announced on the Corgi website and on Corgi die-cast diaries blog

Still in the early stages of development, the announcement of a new scale model representation of Britain’s impressive new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers demonstrates continued new tooling investment in the Corgi range

Attempting to select highlights from any new Corgi model range can be something of a challenge, as each one will contain a great many new models, be they new tooling announcements, modified toolings, or one of the host of model livery changes which make up the bulk of any new range. With toy and collectable models falling into several sub categories, which as well as including the ranges already covered above, include gift products, Film and TV subjects, Best of British, Original Omnibus and Showcase collections, we really do try to include something for every occasion and every model collecting taste.

That being said, the subject which is always of most interest during range launch week is most definitely that of new model tooling announcements and we have even more news to bring you on that score. Staying with the theme of military related models, our design team have been working on producing a new 1/1250th scale representation of Britain’s impressive new aircraft carriers, the flagships of the nation and the most capable warships ever built for the Royal Navy. With both HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales scheduled to be produced, this pair of new models mark the service arrival of these huge ships and the culmination of years of planning and construction work. Endowing the Royal Navy with more striking power than they have ever possessed, these mighty warships are destined to stay in service for the next 50 years and will become a highly visible embodiment of Britain’s naval power.

The new Corgi 2020 model collection announced on the Corgi website and on Corgi die-cast diaries blog

The only way to fly – with Hagrid at the helm, what could possibly go wrong? This fantastic new model tooling will prove hugely popular with fans of the world’s most famous boy wizard

Always amongst the most popular collector ranges in any Corgi model collection, our Film and TV range has been enhanced with the announcement of a new model tooling which is already assured of diecast greatness and will delight anyone with even the slightest interest in the contents of ‘The Daily Prophet’. Since the publication of the first Harry Potter book in 1997, the exploits of the boy wizard have captivated millions of people across the world and gone on to become something of a merchandising phenomenon. The Corgi range has included several Harry Potter related model offerings over the years and has just been enhanced by the addition of a future Potter classic!

It seems as if very few of the modes of transportation Harry Potter came across during his many adventures could be described as ‘normal’ but despite this, most of us would love to have enjoyed a ride in any one of them. As the best loved half-giant to have ever existed (well, in this fantasy world, at least), would anyone have ever turned down a little trip in the sidecar of Hagrid’s motorcycle, which was yet another magical machine which possessed the ability to fly? Featuring two of the best loved characters in the Harry Potter books/films, the addition of Hagrid’s motorcycle and sidecar to our ultra-successful Harry Potter range is big news for the collector world and has already assured that this future release will be one of the undoubted highlights of the 2020 range.

The new 2020 range is now LIVE!

The new Corgi 2020 model collection announced on the Corgi website and on Corgi die-cast diaries blog

As you can tell, the entire Corgi team are delighted to be able to bring you our latest collection of diecast delights, but rather than have us go through each new model individually, why not head for the Corgi website, where you will find full details of all the new model announcements. What are you waiting for, why don’t you treat yourself this Friday afternoon?

As far as the Corgi blog is concerned, we are looking forward to bringing you all the stories behind these models and their development throughout the coming year and it is already looking like we will have no shortage of fascinating subject matter. We hope the range includes something which will be of interest to you and would certainly be keen to receive any feedback you may care to give us regarding the new range. Please use our contact address for all correspondence - for now though, we hope you enjoy discovering all the new models in Corgi’s new 2020 model range.

We are afraid that’s all we have for you in this latest edition of Diecast Diaries, but you can be sure we will be back as usual with more updates and exclusive Corgi content in four weeks’ time. In the meantime, we are always interested to hear from our readers, especially if you would like to suggest a subject for future inclusion in our blog. Better still, if you would like to send us pictures of your own model collection, or details of a Corgi model release which is special to you, you may even find yourself featuring in a future edition of Diecast Diaries. As always, we would be grateful if you would address all correspondence to our usual email address. 

If you can’t wait for the next edition of our blog, there is always plenty of Corgi model related news, views and conversation taking place on our official Facebook  and Twitter  social media pages, which welcome your contributions. We look forward to reading about all the latest Corgi collecting discussions and pictures of your favourite models over the coming few weeks.

Finally, we would like to thank all our readers for their continued support. We look forward to bringing you much more Corgi related news, features and updates in future editions of our blog. The next edition of Diecast Diaries is scheduled to be published on Friday 31st January.


The Corgi Die-cast Diaries Team


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