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Diecast Diaries

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Welcome to Corgi Die-cast Diaries, an exciting new addition to the Corgi website where every month we will be taking you behind-the-scenes of the Corgi Product Development department, tracking the development of Corgi models often many months before they are released.


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The first ruler of the skies

All of the world’s most famous fighter aircraft, including the Supermarine Spitfire and the English Electric Lightning, can trace their lineage to one ground-breaking aircraft which first appeared over the trenches of the Western Front during the summer of 1915. In the latest edition of Diecast Diaries, we have an exclusive development review of the new 1/48th scale Fokker Eindecker and see how the Corgi team have immortalised this important aircraft in the popular Aviation Archive range.

Arresting new Vanguard and Beaufighter exclusives

Have you ever wondered how a new Vanguards livery suggestion project comes to life and the rather challenging work which goes on behind the scenes? In the latest edition of Diecast Diaries, we attempt to give you a modelling insight into the selection and production of hand-decorated sample models from a future Vanguards range, a process which we think will surprise many readers. We also have our usual collection of exclusive model images, as we provide updates on our new Vanguards Jaguars, Aviation Archive Beaufighter and space race Sikorski.

‘We have your fighter ace and he needs a new leg’

The latest edition of our Diecast Diaries blog is now live and is full of Corgi model features and exclusives. This time, we report on how a recent Vanguards model release resulted in a British motoring icon being re-united with its creator and how a Bristol Blenheim bomber was asked to come to the aid of famous RAF fighter ace Douglas Bader. With exclusive images and all the latest Corgi model news, our latest blog is one no Corgi collector will want to miss.

Harry Potter meets the Red Baron

Even though this latest edition of our Corgi blog is a slightly abridged ‘holiday edition’, we still have plenty of exclusive new model information to bring you. We see how our development team have produced a trio of highly accurate Harry Potter film related releases for the collector and how the Aviation Archive range has just introduced a faithful scale replica of one of the Red Baron’s famous fighters to the 1/48th scale line-up. We also have exclusive images from the new Showcase F-35 Lightning II tooling in what is a comprehensive Corgi blog update.

Corgi RAF Tornado Tribute announced

With the exciting announcement of two new Corgi Aviation Archive models at the recent Royal International Air Tattoo, there really could only be one lead subject for the latest ‘Tonkatastic’ edition of our Diecast Diaries blog. If aeroplanes are not your thing, we still have something for you, as we also include the latest exclusive developments from our popular 1/50th scale Military Vehicle range and report on a rather special ‘animated’ delivery for an equally animated Mr Bean.

Corgi Armourfest and the bomber which claimed to snack on flak

The announcement of the 2019 Corgi model range included the welcome return of our 1/50th scale Military Vehicle range and in the latest edition of Diecast Diaries, we have a comprehensive update from this project, which includes a host of exclusive model, diorama and packaging images. We also feature a trio of ‘final sample images’ from models which will soon be gracing the shelves of the world’s model stores and include some rather exciting news for Aviation Archive collectors – there could very well be BIG announcement from our stand at next weekend’s Royal International Air Tattoo.

New Phantom prepares for blast off

The latest edition of Corgi Diecast Diaries includes exclusive updates from two new Aviation Archive tooling releases, the mighty British Phantom and the rugged Bristol Beaufighter. We also bring you news of our RAF Mini collection launch at the recent Cosford Airshow and ask readers to consider whether diorama images of recently released models could be an attractive feature of the Corgi website in the future. As you would expect, exclusive Corgi model images abound in the latest edition of our blog.

D-Day 75 and new Vanguards Jaguar development

The latest instalment of our Diecast Diaries blog only includes two major features this month, however, they both happen to be crackers! With the 75th Anniversary commemorations of the D-Day landings almost upon us, we take the opportunity to bring you a full review of how the Aviation Archive range will be marking this historic event, featuring an impressive collection of exclusive imagery. Also, for the first time in our blog, we bring you development details from a new Vanguards model tooling and include pictures which would never usually be seen outside of the Corgi development office. Another bumper blog edition awaits.

New Beaufighter for Aviation Archive

The new 1/72nd scale Bristol Beaufighter TF.X takes centre stage in the latest edition of Corgi Diecast Diaries, as we chart the development of this beautiful new model by featuring a host of exclusive images from this new tooling project. We also have news of two Corgi competitions to tell you about, product updates from a number of forthcoming model releases and a look at how the new Corgi display stand made its triumphant debut at the recent Classic Car and Restoration Show at the National Exhibition Centre.

Hornby Homecoming

In the world of models and hobbies, four weeks is sometimes prove to be enough for some rather significant developments to take place. Since the previous edition of Diecast Diaries was published, Hornby Hobbies have been the subject of a popular two part TV documentary and the company have also made a symbolic return back to their famous former factory home in Margate. In this latest edition of our blog, we bring you details of both these interesting projects, whilst also providing readers with all the latest news and exclusive imagery from the world of Corgi model collecting.

Corgi tanks rumble back for 50th blog edition

We are proud to announce that the latest edition of Diecast Diaries marks the 50th edition of our Corgi blog and as such, we have something a little bit special awaiting you. We mark the unexpected return of the 1/50th scale Military Vehicle range by taking a closer look at the fascinating story behind the use of a captured German Panther Tank by a British unit during the final months of WWII and see how the Aviation Archive range intends to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. We also have a spectacular competition for our readers to enter, with an unparalleled selection of unique Corgi prizes up for grabs.

British Phantom heads impressive new tooling collection

One of the highlights of any new year is the announcement of the latest Corgi model range and in the latest edition of Diecast Diaries, we bring you a comprehensive overview of the new 2019 Corgi range and a plethora of classic new models. Of particular interest, we have a selection of exclusive images from the spectacular new 1/48th scale McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1 tooling. Start 2019 with a collectable bang and the latest edition of Diecast Diaries!

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