It's landed - the Corgi Avro Vulcan B2 1:72

It's landed - the Corgi Avro Vulcan B2 1:72

One of the highlights from this year's Corgi collection, the much anticipated 1:72 Corgi Avro Vulcan B2, XH558 'Vulcan to the Sky' Return to Flight, October 2007 - AA27201, has landed!

With an impressive wingspan of 472mm, the Vulcan makes a striking centrepiece for any Corgi collection. Here's an interview with the model's designers, detailing the painstaking development process that has gone into creating this iconic model.


Statistics of actual aircraft:

Length: 106ft (32.30m)

Wingspan: 111ft (33.83m)

Crew: 3

Powerplant 4 x Rolls Royce Series 20201

Maximum Speed: 645mph (1038km/h)

Service Ceiling: 65,000ft (19, 812m)


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