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Corgi to re-launch Classic Trucks with the Hauliers of Renown Heritage Collection

Corgi to re-launch Classic Trucks with the Hauliers of Renown Heritage Collection

The Hauliers of Renown Heritage Collection is a series of die-cast 1:50 scale model trucks based on vehicles from the halcyon days of road transport in Great Britain. These detailed models represent some of the greatest haulage firms of the past and present.   Each model is presented in a gift box with an individually numbered limited edition certificate of authenticity.

CC10605 Leyland Octopus 8 Wheel Platform Lorry with Fruit and Vegetable Load, Entress Transport Ltd, Swansea


Entress Transport of Llansamlet was established well before nationalisation in 1949 when the fleet strength stood at ten lorries. The company returned to private ownership in 1954 and expanded, reaching a fleet of some twenty eight-wheelers during its heyday in the late 1950s. Outward traffic would consist mainly of steel to the London and Luton areas while most return loads would be fruit from Covent Garden.

CC11510 AEC Mammoth Major MK V 8 Wheel Platform Lorry with Paper bag load, Munro Transport, Aberdeen


Munro Transport of Aberdeen is probably best remembered for its distinctive yellow and grey livery. During the 1950s and 1960s, the fleet included Albions, Atkinsons and AECs. Their work was both local and long-distance general haulage but their major traffic was paper in all its forms. This model is one of several AEC Mammoth Major Mk V 8 Wheel rigids, appropriately carrying a paper load.

CC11705 Guy Warrior 8 Wheel Platform Lorry with Sack Load, Redpath Bros Ltd Haulage Contractors, Wooler


Situated on the edge of the Northumberland National Park is the small town of Wooler, the base for a number of haulage contractors including Redpath Brothers, who not surprisingly given their location, specialised in agricultural transport. Their vehicles could be seen throughout the country transporting livestock to market, or moving hay, straw, animal feed and farm machinery.  This model of a Guy Warrior 8 Wheeler, comes complete with sack load.
All three models are due for release in April 2014.

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