The NEW Scalextric Digital App

Scalextric is delighted to announce the launch of the brand new ‘Scalextric Digital’ app.

The app can be downloaded via the Apple Store and allows players to race up to four cars at one time with the ‘multi-car’ feature. Players will experience real-life racing whilst being able to manoeuvre speedily around a customised track at break-neck speeds. This will enable racers to change lanes to overtake opponents and block rivals, as well comparing their performance with fellow users.

The app is free, but you can upgrade for 69p, unlocking more tracks, custom circuits and full access to an interactive ‘workshop’, where you can share, play and rate circuits from other players.

Scalextric have worked with Rocket Licensing and have produced the new app with Sabec Limited, developers of ground breaking and popular games.

The new Scalextric app is now available at Apple’s app store and soon on the Android platform.

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