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Win a place in London 2012 history at John Lewis

Exclusive Destination London 2012 taxi competition to celebrate the final countdown to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Corgi Auction in FlyPast Magazine

Corgi, in association with FlyPast Magazine, have set up a 'blind-bid' auction to raise money for the 'Society of Friends Aircraft Team-Hendon' and the 'Ex-prisoners of War Association'. The superb prize up for grabs is the exclusive set of Halifax themed items!

Students compete for Humbrol re-brand idea

Students from the Charles Dickens School from Broadstairs in Kent were asked by to put their creative skills to work using Humbrol paint to design and create an image or installation.

Lizzie Armitstead Wins Again

Lizzie Armitstead, Hornby's London 2012 Brand Ambassador, won her second major event of the year in Belgium at the weekend.

Corgi 2012 April – June Range

We are proud to announce the new Corgi 2012 April – June range.

New Hornby Advert

Showing on TV and cinema screens across the UK.

New Exhibition at the Hornby Visitor Centre

A fascinating collection of models of British cathedrals, constructed by the mysterious model maker and architect William Gorringe, go on display at the Hornby Visitor Centre in Margate this week.

Hornby Magazine LIVE!

On July 9/10 Hornby Magazine LIVE! in Hartlepool opens its doors to the public for a model railway exhibition which is not to be missed.

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