North American F-51D Mustang™, 44-12943/FF-943 ‘Was that too fast?’

North American F-51D Mustang™, 44-12943/FF-943 ‘Was that too fast?’


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North American F-51D Mustang™, 44-12943/FF-943 ‘Was that too fast?’

Limited Edition


Item Code: AA27702

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North American F-51D Mustang™, 44-12943/FF-943 ‘Was that too fast?’ 18th Fighter Bomber Group, USAF, Chinhae Airfield, South Korea, 1951

At the start of the Korean War, significant numbers of Mustang fighters were available to the USAF, although most were now serving with Air National Guard units.  Now designated F-51D, the Mustang was no longer the premier fighter aircraft it was in WWII, due to the advent of jet technology, but it was still a highly capable long-range strike aircraft.  As a close air support aircraft, the Korean War Mustang dropped more napalm and fired more rockets than any other aircraft involved in the conflict, as it served with four air forces in support of United Nations.  It was also involved in some of the first spiralling dogfights with the new Soviet MiG-15 jet fighter. Highly susceptible to the latest anti-aircraft defences, many close air support Mustangs were lost during the Korean conflict. 

The North American P-51 Mustang was arguably the finest fighter aircraft of WWII and was significant in finally subduing any hope the Luftwaffe had of offering resistance to Allied air incursions. Only seeing service in the final months of the war, the impressive Mustang possessed range, speed, firepower and manoeuvrability, which were attributes used to the maximum by USAAF and RAF fighter pilots, in their efforts to secure air superiority.  The Mustang saw extensive service in the European Theatre and towards the end of the Pacific War, where it was to prove decisive in combat.

Our newly tooled North American Mustangs in the Aviation Archive range (AA27701/2/3) can be displayed ‘in flight’ or with the highly detailed landing gear deployed. Also included are two sets of Interchangeable wing flaps allowing the collector to choose between up and down positions.



Produced under license. Boeing, North American Aviation, P-51 Mustang, the distinctive Boeing logos, product markings and trade dress are trademarks of The Boeing Company.

The Aviation Archive
The Aviation Archive

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y Technical Specification & Detail

  • Detailed Crew Figure(s) Detailed Crew Figure(s)
  • Optional Undercarriage Down Optional Undercarriage Down
  • Rotatable Propellers Rotatable Propellers
Dimensions 22.1 x 7.5 x 22.1
Scale 1:72
Limited Edition Yes
Limited Edition Size 1,200
Wingspan 155mm
Age Suitability 14+

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Mustang - attachments that are meant to open, don't.

The scale model in itself is well made. Not as remarkable as the Gloster Gladiator that was purchased at the same time but still nothing to criticize except the fact that there are the landing gears which are meant to be fitted but in fact if you try to prise open the covers under the wings, ever so gently with a tweezer, they snap. Same for the aft mounted cover for the tail wheel. I had the same problem with the Buccaneer purchased two months earlier. If Corgi provided attachments I would request them to manufacture the model so that the attachments could be fitted without stuff snapping. Maybe time has come to ease up on purchases till quality gets genuinely better. My Corgi models purchased 10 or 20 years back did not have such a problem.... Read more

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Corgi Says...


Many thanks for your review and I am very sorry to hear you've had a problem with the model. Please keep in mind that we do offer a spares service, where any damaged or missing parts can be requested. If possible, we will send these parts straight to you, free of charge:

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The last Mustang !

This Mustang model has an outstanding finish! Interesting version of the Korean War, which marks the sunset of this airplane in the USAF's operating life. Perfect details, such as the propeller compatible with the age of use. This new P-51 tooling is great, replicable in an infinite number of colors, fighter groups and operated theaters.

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AA27702 F-51D Mustang 44-12943/FF-943 ‘Was that too fast?’

A great new release of the new Mustang tool and everything looks present and correct and the QC is very good. Fully 'tooled up' with rockets and bombs it has a striking scheme and the 'sharks teeth' really suit the Mustang. The fit of the undercarriage is very good and the main wheels are solid. A nice release of the new Mustang.

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