MiM - King Tiger - sSSPzAbt 501 - France 1944

MiM - King Tiger - sSSPzAbt 501 - France 1944


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MiM - King Tiger - sSSPzAbt 501 - France 1944


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Germany’s heaviest operational tank of the Second World War, the mighty Tiger II or King Tiger weighed in at an astonishing 68 tons, even though it was still powered by the same 12 cylinder Maybach engine which powered the significantly lighter Tiger I. Built around a new long barrelled 88mm anti-tank gun, the Tiger II was perhaps the ultimate development of the tank during WWII and was superior to any Allied tank in service. Introduced just weeks after D-Day, these fearsome machines were never available in enough numbers to make a difference on the battlefield and for the cost of one King Tiger, the Allies could produce nine M4 Shermans.

Corgi Showcase
Corgi Showcase

A series of top quality die-cast metal model aircraft suitable for children aged three and over. Each model comes with a display stand and all classic aircraft have a moving propeller.

y Technical Specification & Detail

Scale Fit the Box
Length 115mm
Age Suitability 3+

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