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Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia, Cosmos Blue

Item code: VA12413

The Granada modelled is one of the most original in the UK having covered less than 29,000 miles from new. It was registered in Chelmsford on June 25th 1980, and is believed to have been a Ford Motor Company management car, which may be why it has the optional, and fairly rare, air conditioning. The next owner, Derbyshire-based Mr Geoffrey Hartshorne, bought it when it was still a fairly new car, used it sparingly, serviced it regularly and kept it stored in a dry garage. He sold it to local enthusiast Keith Oxley in 2012 and current custodian, Leicestershire-based Steven Perry, purchased it in early 2017 after being impressed by its originality and condition. Long term owner Mr Hartshorne had sold the car as a non-runner because of an electrical problem that proved difficult to trace and prevented the engine starting. However, Keith Oxley was eventually able to solve this through careful fault finding and return the car to full health. Being one of the few late Series 1 Mk2s with fuel injection it's a rare car and remains in time-warp original condition with an unmarked charcoal interior, factory paint, and working air conditioning. Steven Perry enjoys using it for local classic car shows and is always impressed by just how refined it is; an aspect of the Mk2 Granada that was always praised in the contemporary motoring press and by police officers using them as motorway patrol vehicles.

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