Corgi 60th Anniversary Collection

2016 marks the 60th anniversary of the very first Corgi model. Corgi first appeared in the toy shops of Great Britain in 1956 as a new range of die-cast model cars from Mettoy Playcraft Ltd. These new toy cars were soon a huge hit and were famous at the time for their transparent plastic windows, soon becoming known as ‘the ones with windows’.

Today, Corgi has many highly recognisable collections under its umbrella including The Aviation Archive, Hauliers of Renown, Vanguards and The Original Omnibus Company. Corgi Toys continue to delight a new generation of die-cast enthusiasts.

To celebrate this very significant birthday we are offering a range of specially priced limited edition models featuring some of the most famous vehicles and liveries from the air and road, presented in commemorative 60th Anniversary packaging.

Corgi 60th Anniversary videos

6 Product(s)

6 Product(s)

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